Make sure that your favorite student is taken care of at our comfortable college community. Classes are moments away, shuttle buses offer convenient transportation, and a 24/7 courtesy patrol added for peace of mind. We provide all the ingredients for success so that students can focus on school – and parents can rest easy at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child get a repair done in the apartment?

What happens if their roommate is late paying their rent or doesn't pay rent at all that month?

Will my student be able to study?

What if my child does not have a guarantor?

What if I don't have a Guarantor?

What happens if my student's roommate moves out?

Is it easy to get to school?

Will they be distracted?

What will my child do if they have a problem with their roommate?

How does my student qualify to live at The Bridges?

Are leases for families with children available?